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Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our clients and the opportunity to concentrate on producing a successful business.


Complete an incident report entry if you encounter anything on this list, however, this is not a complete list of incidents,

as a security officer, you may encounter more then what is listed above.

Security Logs / Report Writing

Daily activity reports are to be updated every hour using our website.

Logs are to be thorough and complete.

Reports & Logs are to be completed for every shift you work, no exceptions.

Incident reports are to be made for anything & everything out of the normal.

Some sites might require a special log. All logs are to be completed according to the site-specific instructions.

Completing your logs after your shift is not permitted, do them during your shift and have them ready by the end of your shift. No exceptions.

If your job site has a tablet or other company device, your logs must be completed on the company device. No exceptions.

What to look for while on patrol

Lights that are out (not working)

Broken glass (windows, bottles, etc…)

Broken sprinklers (gushing water)

Suspicious activity

Loud music or other disturbances (you do not have to wait for a service call to address disturbance issues.

Violence or any type of confrontation

Graffiti / vandalism (old or new)

Loiters / trespassing (people hanging out)

Open, unlocked or un-securable doors & windows. (Call a Supervisor)

Signs of forced entry, or break-ins. (Call a Supervisor)

Damage to fence line, walls, gates or other property

Parking violations (Fire Lanes, Handi-Cap, No Parking)

All of these above issues will automatically require an incident report to be written.

Each site may have a set of specific instructions, of what is important to the client. As guards we will follow their instructions.