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Business History

VIGILANT PRIVATE SECURITY was formed in late 2007 after its founders, Alena and Andrey Trybunalaus discovered that their services were becoming ever increasingly popular. Starting from their home office in Fresno, Vigilant Private Security first provided their services to local shops, schools, and community charity organizations.


About Us

Andrey Trybunalau - has personally managed Vigilant Private Security since 2007. Andrey has a degree in Criminology and has completed the PC832 Police Academy of Fresno. In addition to managing Vigilant Private Security in order to give back to the community Mr. Trybunalau also donates his time to the Fresno Police Department as a volunteer Police Officer.

In 2010 Mr. Trybunalau was named as a “Hometown Hero” by the Modern Woodman of America for the volunteer work he provides.

Mr. Trybunalau personally has his hands on every project Vigilant Private Security works on and especially plays a major part in the decision making for sensitive assignments.


Vigilant Private Security gives professional attention to your specific needs, whether it has to do with your business or personal event.

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