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Protect yourself and your property with security guard services from Vigilant Private Security, Inc. No matter how large or small your needs are, you can depend on us to take care of them all. 

Guard Services

As Vigilant Private Security we protect specific people and property and offer professional services. Our owner-operator guarantees our clients that our work is performed by professional security officers. We offer a variety of private security services, including:

Standard Security (Foot) Patrol

Standard Mobile (Vehicle) Patrol

Executive Protection Services

Closed Circuit Television Service (CCTV)

Guard Training

Entrust your security needs to our screened and hand-selected guards. To ensure that all your requests are met, we provide each officer with classroom training that is customized to your property. After the initial training, we conduct continuing education courses twice a year so that all your security officers stay completely up-to-date on your policies, procedures, and instructions. 

In addition to our regular classroom training, all security officers assigned to your property will attend regularly scheduled on-site training. Before they ever come to work for you, they are also all extensively trained in the following areas: 

• Crisis Control
• Crowd Control
• Customer Service & Public Relations

• First-Aid & CPR

• Communications
• Access Control
• Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Situations

All of our guards are professionally prepared to handle emergency situations such as:

• Bomb Threats & Suspicious Packages

• Fires

• Workplace Violence


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